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Why choose us

  • The advantages of competitiveness

    VCHI can help you surpass the competitors because we own a wide range of professional product lines, core technical force, and do well in exploring the market demand.

  • Lead you to new market

    VCHI owns over 70 models of products, and over 200 product application schemes, so we can aid you in exploiting new market or new opportunity.

  • After-sale warranty

    Our professional online after-sale team of 7*24 hours, and multiple communication mode can ensure that we can meet you requirement within the shortest time and appoint English professional engineers to serve you on site.

  • Quality assurance

    Raw material analysis, optical system analysis, equipment precision analysis, quality control during assembling process, engine performance test, and equipment cycle guarantee.

  • Market guarantee (targeted at dealer)

    We firmly believe that the corporate integrity and moral can build our brand personality, so once we are awarded the exclusive operation right in market, we will observe the agreement.

  • The perfect after-sale training mechanism

    After becoming our dealer/agent, we will provide the after-sale engineers with professional training for free, the authentication will be given after assessment. We will also provide our end users with professional training, and ensure that you can dispose with common faults.

  • What are the ways I can get after-sales service?

    Online support;

    Foreign offices;

    After-sales personnel on-site service(charges apply)

  • How to get machine training?

    We have professional English service engineers to provide remote guidance (WeChat, whatsapp and teamviewer); if needed, we can send engineers on-site service.

  • Problems with the VCHI laser cutter during warranty period?

    We will supply free parts during machine warranty period,while we also supply free life long after-sale

  • How to maintain the exhuastor?(Machine Routine maintainance)

    The exhauster and pipe clean regularly; It is recommended once a month; Keep away from the water and humidity space.

  • How to maintain the lens?(Machine Routine maintainance)

    It is recommended to clean the lens by dustless paper and industrial pure alcohol 2 times in one week. Not touch the lens surface directly by finger for preventing contamination.

  • About rails and slides(Machine Maintenance)

    Regularly check and clean the guide rails, sliders, and add oil
    Note: oil can not drop on the belt, it can influence the service life on the belt.
    If it does, please clean it in time .(1-2 times a week is recommended)

  • Machine use environment requirements(Machine Routine Maintenance)

    Ambient temperature is 10-30°C;Humidity is 30%-80%
    It is recommended to place the machine in the air conditional room

  • Precautions for the machine

    Please pay attention for cleaning of the machine and maintenance of the following parts; Otherwise, the worse maintenance will affect the serve life of the machine; All maintenance operations must be started after the machine is powered off.

  • What shipping methods do you accept?

    For the machine is mainly shipped by sea, accessories can be shipped by express or by air

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    LC & TT

  • What maintenance services do you provide?

    Remote Diagnosis

    Software Updates and Upgrades

    Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Why is your machine so expensive, can it be cheaper?

    We charge a one-time fee, and all machine parts and service fees are included. Our machines use imported accessories, the glass laser tube has a lifespan of up to 5,000 hours, and the metal laser tube is up to 20,000 hours. Integrated casting process for some models, the machine performance is more stable

  • I am not satisfied with the appearance of the machine, can I make some adjustments?

    Sure,if you need.

  • I’m not sure if you can achieve the effect I want, what should I do?

    We can provide free sample testing, or you can send your samples to us for testing.

  • What can your machine do?

    Our machines are used for cutting, perforating and engraving of non-metallic materials in clothing fabrics, shoe materials, leather, craft gifts, automotive interior and exterior decoration, advertising printing and other industries