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Saigon Tex is back after 3 years

Aug, 04/08/2022

SaigonTex is back after 3years
​GBOS never leave
​Professional service and staying together.
​July 27/30, we meet at stand #1H22


  • Sep, 09/09/2022

    Putian Shoes and Apparel Industry Expo

    Putian Shoes and Apparel Industry Expo  is a very famous exhibition in the field of shoemaking. Some big brands in the world such as Nike and Adidas will participate in the exhibition. At the same time, new solutions brought by...

  • Aug, 05/08/2022

    Invitation! This stop, Hero City – Nanchang.

    From August 12th to 14th, 2022, GARMENT & FOOTWEAR INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION will be held at SNanchang Greenland International Expo Center.(Huaiyushan Avenue, Honggutan New District)   At that time, VCHI will bring innovative technology and one-stop intelligent cutting & marking solutions for...

  • Aug, 04/08/2022

    Witness the development of VCHI and appreciate the past, present and future.

        From rough cement to bright paint; every inch of land is integrated into the hard work of VCHI people.         From the loess all over the ground to the lush green land, it means the...